Russell Clapp (Aka Russell Clapton)

Memorial for Russell Clapp

Born August 6, 1966 in El Paso, Texas

Died November 25, 2020 at San Diego, California

Messages to Rusty

Remembering Rusty... This Thanksgiving there will be an empty chair at the family table as we celebrate the life of Russell Clapton - cousin, brother, son, nephew and great friend to all. Head chef of our men's annual ski trip, Rusty was famous for his El Paso Enchiladas. He was a gentle and kind soul, full of energy and always there with a smile and positive thought. I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with him on and off the slopes. Our love and prayers go out to Erin Grimes and John Clapp and to our entire extended family this holiday.
--John Bartz

If you hang out with Rusty, you will be laughing. And always in the best way possible. He always had something interesting and funny to say, but never at anyone's expense. I think he and Mitch are busting each other up right about now ...
-- Dave McCombs

God speed Russell, my dear sweet cousin. Your welcome committee is waiting for you with open arms.
-- Connie Miller

Dear Rusty,

I am using the internet to talk to your brain as you are still connected to the net.

From the moment of our meeting the smiles have been had. They are here now to ask just one thing. Inside the coma do you see a thing?

Dear Rusty it is not time. You have some electrical solar power in your veins, fire up that other part of your brain.

A wink, a grunt will do.

But alas I am writing to say goodbye. I want my electrons there when you fly.

I love you man.

I love you Russell Clapp.

Bradley Lawrence Bartz
Cousin but really brother.

Contact Brad Bartz at Brad@Bartz.com or 1-310-993-3240 cell/text