Helpful Hints & Tips

When you get any kind of scan don't where anything with any kind of metal: wear sweatpants and a tshirt (girls wear a bathing suit top) This way you don't have to wear a gown.

Also, if you have to drink barium it tastes better cold.

If you have a port or a broviac and it has to be flushed bring along some candy so you don't get that bad taste in your mouth.

When you have to stay in the hospital I suggest you bring your own pillow, blanket and pajamas.

For long hospital stays the time goes by faster if you bring a laptop or a portable DVD player. I knew ahead of time I would be there for a while so I learned how to croche.

Schedule all procedures first thing in the morning.

Tell your nurses thank you, they work hard. On the flip side, if you don't like your nurse it's ok to fire them and ask for someone else.




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