Fun Facts

I thought this would be fun and a great way for you to know more about me =)

Food - My Grandma Coco's Macaroni and Cheese
Movie - Pirates of the Caribbean
Actor & Actress - Johnny Depp / Audrey Hepburn
Color - Pink
Hobbie - Taking Pictures
Dessert - Cheesecake
Music Genre - Everything
Sport - Basketball
Which Do You Prefer?
Day of the Week - Thursday
Beach/City/Country - City
Time of the Year - Summer
Laundry Detergent - Tide Coldwater! All by myself =)
Gold/Silver - Silver
Morning/Night - Both
Cat/Dog - Dog
Indoors/Outdoors -Both
Drive Fast/Slow - Somewhere in the middle *wink wink*
Pepsi/Coke - Diet Pepsi
Blonde/Brunette - Blonde
Cake/Ice Cream - Lots of Ice Cream
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